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Performing Arts Center


Arden Manor Community Center

1415 Rushden Dr

Sacramento, CA 95864

Our Mission

Our MISSION is to facilitate a safe and creative space for our young community to explore their self expression through dance and performing arts. We believe in the power of performing arts and know there is always space on the stage for everyone! You are perfect as YOU are and we want to help anyone looking to make there way to stage and beyond! 

Wanna Dance?
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Let's Dance

Interested in getting CREATIVE through movement and music? Want a SAFE place for your child to discover their best moves? DANCE is a great way to get the right vibe going! Not only is it better than screen time but it's proven to boost self esteem, diminish depression, promote creativity and facilitate self expression. We offer a variety of classes from hip hop, creative movement, theater dance to ballet and MORE! 
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